gogogorobot (gogogorobot) wrote in crochet_love,

new mint green shrug, new member, new to lj

i just finished this lovely little mint green short sleeve crochet shrug in a lacy filigree design.

normally i would have this up and listed on etsy, but i am waiting for them to reply back to me because my accounts (http://www.gogogotobot.etsy.com and http:/www.mitzyedith.etsy.com) were deactivated.

i was very ill and had no way to get to a computer, nevertheless be able to ship the items i had sold.

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I really love that. If I had the time to make a white one, it'd go great with a dress I'm wearing next Saturday.
thank you very much!

i could make one in white for you if you would like! i would be so honored to so if you would like to send me an email: gogogorobot@gmail.com
As much as I'd love that, I don't think it would get done and sent to me in the next 6 days. I'll keep it in mind for next time, though.